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Custom Ear Molds for Audiology

Regular Ear Mold photoPacific Coast Laboratories has been helping people hear better for decades by providing hearing healthcare professionals and consumers with the highest quality earmolds available for hearing aids, telephone, personal music and professional listening devices.

PDF Document IconEar Mold Styles Datasheet illustrates the different ear mold shapes and highlights the benefits of each shape.

Custom Ear Plugs for Sports, Entertainment, Industry and Sleep

RockStar Ear Plug photoPCL manufactures a line or hearing protection ear molds including the SoundWaves®, Soundwaves II, RockStars®, RockStars® II, Dolphi® and the SleepEasy® product for the sports, entertainment, industrial professional and anyone with a noisy sleep environment.

PDF Document IconRockStar and SoundWaves Ear Plugs

PDF Document IconRockStar II and SoundWaves II Ear Plugs are tunable via our patented Continuous Flow Adapter (CFA®) Filter System

Dolphins are similar to RockStars but they are hollow so that they will float.

SleepEasy have a reduced exterior to prevent compression, for a sound nights sleep.

Amplified Bluetooth Earpiece for the Hearing Impaired

Bluetooth Cellular Earpiece with Custom Ear MoldPacific Coast Labs has combined a high-performance, lightweight and affordable Bluetooth ear piece with our custom made ear mold to produce an excellent headset combination suitable for the hearing impaired. Requires earmold impression.

• Ultra lightweight, compact size for maximum comfort
• Flexible, reversible ear hook
• Adjustable volume
• Compliant with Bluetooth V2.0, V1.2 specification
• Internal lithium polymer battery
• Simple operation
• LED status indicator and tone alert
• Custom ear mold available in many colors

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Continuous Flow Adapter (CFA™)

Continuous Flow Adapter photo

The Continuous Flow Adapter™ is a unique patented product designed by Pacific Coast Laboratories, Inc. The CFA™ adapter and its connected tubing maintain the internal diameter of the the tubing, providing a continuous, unimpeded flow of amplified sound.

Key Benefits:

  • Consistent, repeatable acoustic performance
  • Prevents accidental high frequency roll-off
  • Tubing change in less than 30 seconds

  • The AntiFeedback System

    AntiFeedback System StentsThe Anti-feedback System is designed to help reduce or eleminate feedback in Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing-aids due to sudden weight loss, growth (especially children), material shrinkage and improper fit. The system uses a series of progressively larger stents stratigically placed inside of the sound bore of a soft earmold to improve its fit, and seal in amplified sound, thereby reducing feedback.

    Designed to eliminate feedback due to:

    • Improper or loose fit
    • Material shrinkage
    • Jaw movement
    • Growth (especially with children)
    • Rapid weight loss
    • Over buffing or grinding


    Materials, Supplies and Accessories

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